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Ricoh has been Empowering Digital Workplaces using innovative technologies enabling individuals to work smarter.

At RICOH we realize each individuals are important in the elements of every organization.

Hence, Empowering Workplace Wellness starts with the well-being of YOU!

Empowering Workplace Wellness

Productivity loss at 67 Days a year


90% of Malaysians do not eat a healthy diet


64% of Malaysians are physically inactive


56% of Malaysians sleep less than 7 hours a night

53% of Malaysians have at least one dimension of work-related stress




Only 43% of all people with mental health problems are in employment.


70 million work days are lost due to mental illness.

Tips For Staying Well At Work

Workplace Health, Eat Well
Start your workday right, eat a healthy breakfast, for your growing mind and body.

Similar to your mind & body, the Intelligent Machine has a Scalable intelligence that grows with you. With RICOH Always Current Technology, the capabilities of your Ricoh device can grow with your business. This platform allows you to download the latest features, firmware updates and interface enhancements as they become available.

Tips for De-Stressing at Work

Exercise increases your overall health and your well-being. Exercise has some stress-busting benefits.

Next to eating well, exercise is equally important. At work, start with SIMPLE ‘Desk-Exercise’. Top tip is to take a standing break every hour.

The Intelligent Machine (IM Series) is build to provide you simple too. Its User Interface is simple, clean, user friendly and customizable to show common user functions.

Workplace Sustainability

Bring in the plants. Bring more greenery into the workplace.
The presence of plants is scientifically proven to boost our moods, especially those that are green, round, and leafy.

Plants improve productivity, fuel creativity, relieve stress, and even clean the air which creates sustainability.

The Intelligent Machine (IM Series) with ‘Eco-Friendly Indicator’ whereby administrator can set printing policies and create awareness about environment by showing statistics in paper reduction and savings by printing styles usage.

There is a ‘Human Detection Sensor’ technology that allows the user to use machine immediately when the machine detects that you are approaching the machine, with only 0.5 seconds to return from Sleep Mode, thus reducing the waiting time. This helps save energy and save your work time along the way.

Help to ease your mind at work

Is your business data safe and secure?

Without proper security, any data can be hacked easily. RICOH new IM series ensures its devices are always protected with latest security features.

This new series boasts a host of features and attributes set to galvanise the industry with its Dynamic Workplace Intelligence – a scalable yet affordable platform comprising of intelligent technology and support, smart solutions and advanced applications with one aim in mind – to boost productivity while helping organisations to transform into a digital workplace by managing and converting information into intelligence with cutting-edge technology.

Print and store data at ease with RICOH’s built-in security features!

Materiality for the Ricoh Group in support of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Ricoh Group aims to create new markets and value propositions by looking broadly at social issues, and taking on the challenge to resolve them while simultaneously achieving social development and Ricoh’s own business growth.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

Goal 3: Good health and well-being
Health is a driver, indicator and outcome of sustainable development.

Work Smart & Improve Your Wellness Today With RICOH Dynamic Workplace Intelligence.

Ricoh Dynamic Workplace Intelligence combines intelligent technology and support, smart solutions and advanced applications to boost your productivity.

Helping organisations like yours to transform into a digital workplace, by managing and converting information into intelligence with today’s technology.

'Empower Wellness at the Workplace' starts with a SMART Workplace

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